Shredmonton 0:45 Line Contest

We are excited to present to you our first all digital contest! With the current state of the world, we weren’t able to hold our traditional in-person competition so we’re bringing the inline skating community together online with the Shredmonton 0:45 Line Contest! The Shredmonton 0:45 Line Contest follows a 45 second format whereby skaters film and submit their best 45 second line. There is a $5 entry fee and top spot will take home $250 Canadian Dollars! Registration for the Shredmonton 0:45 Line Contest is through our webstore (link in profile). Once we receive your registration, we will email you a Dropbox link where you can upload your best 0:45 line. Submissions will be accepted until September 30, 2020. Skaters are limited to one upload per registration. Lines can be performed anywhere from your favorite street spot to your local skate park but the clip must be one continuous shot. A winner will be announced once our judges have had a chance to comb through the footage submitted. We will also be posting lines on our IG as they are submitted to stoke some friendly competition. Now get out there and connect those tricks!